Announcement: Year Break?

So quite a few months ago I went on spring break, with the intention of returning sometime over the summer. A lot of things have happened since then. For starters, I wrote a 7,000 word short story that falls inside of the Variance universe. I tried getting it published, but it was not. Perhaps I’ll post it on here soon.

The second thing is that I’ve been totally obsessing over the feature film that I wrote and am directing in February. We are currently crowdfunding and that alone feels like another full-time job.

So for now, more Variance to come soon.

Announcement: Spring Break

Hey folks,

Thought I’d let you all know, I’m going to take small break before starting Season 3. It’s been really difficult lately to keep up with the blog since my son was born in March.

I promise you Variance will continue, and you might get a special something before Season 3 begins.



Part 6: Jump

Ace was not proud of what it took to drag Samantha’s unconscious body through the hospital’s parking garage. In fact, if asked she would never tell, and leave it to the asker’s imagination.  She would often refer to this segment of her life as her dark period. Samantha was kept locked in a small room with a slit for a window. Ace would feed her but never communicated with her.

As the months went on, Ace became more mobile. Eventually she removed her cast herself and began the long arduous task of physical therapy. After a time Samantha stopped pleading for her freedom and they lived in silence.

When Ace could walk again she took to running during the evenings. Since her escape, VIG had plastered her photo on every news media channel that could fill 30 seconds with it. Most ran her story for days, “Deranged Hospital Escapee Kidnaps Government Agent”.

The months turned into years. Ace was tired; tired of hiding, and tired of being alone. Samantha’s cell had gotten an upgrade. It fit more like a bedroom, and the two began speaking in short sentences.

One morning Ace awoke to find a small note on her nightstand. She instantly noticed it was out of place and upon further inspection recognized her own handwriting. There were three words on it, “Save him. Ace.”

She flung her covers back and stormed across her secret hideout to Samantha’s room. She nearly busted the door down as she entered, scaring Samantha from her bed.

“How did he die?” She screamed.

Samantha cowered on the floor by the bed.

“How? When? Answer me!” She screamed again.

“The heavy machine forced him out of a window,” Samantha cried.


Samantha began crying, “The future…”

Ace turned away and slammed the door, locking it behind her. Samantha’s waking could be heard through the steel door. Ace walked slowly across the cold floor until she reached her computer terminal.

She began searching for the same keywords that brought her to find the orb. She found another facility, once run by a facility until it was bought by ISO-squared and shut down for unethical testing circumstances. A marketing ploy she thought. Something in her gut told her to check it out.

She gathered her things: a flashlight, handgun and tactical vest she’d bought from a military surplus store. She missed her old gear.

She made her way down to a later 90s model pickup truck and removed the tarp from it. She climbed in and pulled the keys from their storage in sun visor.

The truck started without issue. She pulled out of the parking garage and made her way out of the city. It was going to be a long drive to Pennsylvania.

At first it felt like breaking and entering as she slid the large metal door to the side. She paused a moment as the screech echoed down the concrete halls. She flicked on her flashlight with her left thumb and drew her pistol. It was 3 a.m. and there were no lights.

The layout was similar to the facility she’d met Wyatt in. She followed signs toward the main computer room. She checked her corners as she entered the large room. Two staircases edged the sides of the room. To her right was what seemed to be a control booth with large glass windows separating the two rooms, and directly across from it hummed another orb.

Her pistol quickly found its place in her holster as she sprinted to the orb. Etched in the dust on the orbs panel was her handwriting: Do it, Ace.

She took a deep breath and reached out for the orb. Inches from her palm wrapping around the smooth metal casing of the orb, a hand reached from the dark and latched onto her vest, yanking her away and tossing her across the room.

She shattered through the glass of the control room and bounced off an old computer terminal. Ace was dazed as she tried to pull herself up from the ground. The hand wrapped around the back of her neck and lifted her.

She saw her attacker for the first time. It was the heavy machine, only this time he was different. Before he hand been a behemoth of machine, and now he was slick, small red LEDs accented his shape. He threw her again, deeper into the control booth.

She slammed against the rear wall of the room, cracking the drywall. Her tailbone crashed into the ground as the heavy machine made his way to her. She drew her pistol and fired at his head. The bullet’s ricocheted off his helmet, destroying whatever they hit next.

Her pistol clicked empty. He was towering over her. The machine reached down for her. Just before his fingers could wrap around her she slithered between his metal legs.

With running speed she clambered from the ground and over the first computer terminal. The heavy machine spun and jumped after her, smashing through the three rows of computer terminals.

He stopped at the front of the room. Ace was gone. His head lifted. She was in a full sprint across the main room. Heavy burst through wall of the control room, running after her. His feet made loud thumps as he gained on her.

She wanted to pause when she reached the orb to see how far ahead of the machine she was, but she didn’t. Her palm slammed onto the orb, the pressure from her skin skidded against the spinning metal.

Light enveloped her, and just as Heavy reached her she vanished in an explosion of particles. His momentum carried him through the orb and it’s terminal. A crash of metal and wires and sparks spilt across the front of the room. Heavy lifted the orb from the ground, examined it a moment and crushed it in his fingers.

The particles rushed passed her eyes, burning and drying them. She was cold and hot and sore everywhere. The space around her ripped open as someone might rip open a plastic bag. She flung hard, slamming into a tile wall.

The whole room shook and in that moment she realized she was in an elevator. She coughed up mucus and spat it on the ground. Condensation had built up on her sleeves. She wiped the water onto the ground as she stood.

The elevator was moving, but none of the floor lights were illuminated. The car slowed. Before the doors opened a gunshot rang out. She drew her pistol and the doors opened.

Landon stood before her firing down the hallway. He turned and fired at the glass. As he sprinted toward the damaged glass Ace dove from the elevator car and tackled him away from the pane.

They tumbled across the ground. Landon rolled and stopped, his gun aimed at Ace.


Announcement: Season 1

Hey folks,

As some of you know Variance Season 1 is available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle store. However, I’ve been thinking about removing it from Amazon and bringing it back live on the blog.

Thoughts? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


Announcement: Wednesday

This coming Wednesday marks the end of Season 2. While I realize there was not a post this past week that is my fault. I had set up the post to automatically go live and the content had not been placed within wordpress. This left a very short post.

Regardless, this Wednesday Season 2 of Variance comes to an end.



Part 6: Plan?

“Agent,” one of the suited men called to Ace to get her attention. She turned her head to the suits.

“Who are you really?” the tall one continued.

“Why don’t you ask Samantha?” Ace spoke.

Samantha smiled back at Ace, her arms crossed over her chest.

“Agent Vasden is an integral part of VIG, you are the one in question here. Not her,” the tall one said, pulling his sidearm.

“I said you don’t want to do that,” Ace said, pulling her blanket back from her non-casted leg. Samantha edged toward the door as Ace spun her weight and placed her good foot on the cold tile floor.

The tall one nodded to his lackeys They stepped forward, each grabbing one of Ace’s arms. The bed rolled away from the hallway and toward the window overlooking the city. The bed bounced to a stop against the window sill. The shortest man unlatched the  window and swung it open filling the room with cold wind. The tall one approached, Samantha leaned against the door.

The suits pushed Ace back, her head hanging out of the window.

“Let go of me,” she screamed, her voice lost in the wind.

“Since you are not an agent of this company, you are not required,” the tall one spoke, almost laughing.

Something snapped in Ace, the knife still in her hand. It flipped and then she slammed it into the short one’s ribs. He released her arm and stumbled back. Samantha panicked, her hand clutching the doorknob. Ace rolled; her momentum slamming the other suit into the window frame. She put her good foot on his leg and flipped him over her head. He spilled out of the building, bouncing slightly off the glass until he came to a stop at the ground.

Ace sat up. Samantha was gone, the door still hanging open. The tall one’s handgun was aimed at her head.

“Very impressive, little girl,” he spoke. In a simple move, Ace fell off the bed onto her good foot. All her weight collapsed as she bent her knee. The tall man couldn’t keep his aim as Ace sprung forward and slammed her shoulder into his crotch. He plummeted to the ground. The gun skidded across the floor toward the open door.

Ace rolled, grabbing a wheelchair as the tall man gasped for air and rolled away from her. She pulled herself into the wheelchair. And started rolling toward the open door. She scooped the gun from the ground and entered the hallway. Samantha stood at a corner near the elevators. Ace began rolling forward, switching the gun from hand to hand as she went.

“Freeze,” she shouted. The elevator door opened and Samantha jumped in, pushing several people out onto the floor. Her fingers slammed onto the door close button. Ace dropped the gun into her lap and began rolling faster. She dove from the chair and slid across the floor in her hospital gown into the open elevator. The door closed and bounced off her casted leg. She let out a small squeal.

Samantha slammed her heel into Ace’s back applying pressure. Ace grabbed Samantha’s planted foot and threw it to the side, dropping Samantha to the ground. The doors bounced again off her leg. She pulled her leg in as she climbed on top of Samantha, lifting her by her shirt. She pulled back her fist once, it hung in the air as Samantha pleaded for mercy.

Ace’s fist slammed into Samantha’s face.